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Please place all catering orders at least one day in advance from the time of your meeting or event. 

If your event is less than 24 hours away or if you have any questions please call us at 03 9191 8339 for more information.

Open 7 days a week for breakfast & lunch.

Catering Menu

Want to make your next gathering unforgettable? Coffeegram catering is the perfect solution. We come up with a variety of gourmet options, and we are perfect for any event, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. Have a look at our catering menu now! 

Mix Pastries


We bring the warmth of Coffeegram to your home with our delivery services. Sounds exciting; right? Yes, with our most professional and timely delivery services, you can taste the bliss offered by Coffeegram sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Delay no more and get in touch with the Coffeegram catering team. Let us make your special event more specialIf quality and elegance are what you are looking for, our team is the one. Reach out now!